Cocoa Sante AZTECA

Cocoa Sante AZTECA

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Cocoa Sante AZTECA

Artisan Hot Cocoa Mix With Vanilla, Cinnamon, & Chipotle

• Instant Hot Cocoa with Natural Vanilla, Cinnamon and Chipotle Pepper
• Responsibly Sourced, Organic Cocoa
• Add Water, Whisk and Enjoy!

The mighty Aztec's chocolatl was a drink fit for the Gods. Our Azteca blend pays tribute—made with organic cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and a dash of chipotle pepper for warmth.

Cocoa Sante is made with organic cocoa and all natural ingredients. Our cocoa is carefully sourced from high quality cocoa produced by cooperative farms in the Dominican Republic and South America. Farmers strive to produce a fuller flavored bean by growing cocoa in shaded areas with rich soil. The farms supplying this cocoa are owned & operated by small scale farmers whose profits aid area education projects and infrastructure.

Net weight 10 oz.
Nonfat milk powder, organic dutch process cocoa, organic cane sugar, whey, natural vanilla flavor, cinnamon, chipotle pepper.


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