Nautical Stripe Elastic Face Masks

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Nautical Stripe Elastic Face Masks

"At Love Is Project, we believe that wearing a mask is the ultimate act of LOVE. While many of us aren't used to wearing masks in public, the Montauk Collection aims to add an "out East" flair while helping to protect yourself and your community.

Our Nautical Stripe Elastic Face Masks were made of two layers of 100% fine cotton, super soft and comfortable fabric that is smooth and breathable.  Machine washable and reusable to avoid waste.  

For added protection, each mask’s two side pockets can be used for convenient insertion and removal of disposable filters of your choice.  

In places that require extra protection, a packet of 10 BLAS Antimicrobial Face Mask Filters can be purchased at checkout. 

Wear your masks in style while creating sustainable employment for a Love Is Project artisan. 

Elastic - elastic ear loops to comfortably secure your mask 

Materials - 100% Cotton, smooth and breathable

Dimensions - 8.""W x 6.""H adult size,  Kids 6.75""W x 5.5""H fits age 5 and up.

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