Pastiglie Leone Candy Originals

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Pastiglie Leone Candy Originals

Leone orange pastilles are fragrantly flavored candies made with essential oils of fruits and natural coloring; they are also gluten free and low in calories. Pastilles are meant to be dissolved on the tongue. Despite their appearance, they aren’t chalky at all, and dissolve surprisingly smoothly in your mouth.

Leone Pastiglie (in English "Candies") is one of the oldest confection companies in Italy specializing in pastilles and candies. Beautifully packaged in convenient pocket sizes, Leone candies come in a small box wrapped in old fashion paper and sealed with a gold sticker.

These small delights are the result of a careful choice of essences, extracts and herbs to enhance the fragrance and scent of the various different
flavors. Made in Italy. Leone candies are
 gluten free. 

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