The Bohemian 500-Piece Velvet-Touch Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Bohemian 500-Piece Velvet-Touch Jigsaw Puzzle

Art & Fable Puzzles are designed to display beautifully on a shelf while using minimal space. Display assorted titles like books, showing off their colorful bindings. This particular feature retailers love!

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 - 1905) was a realist, academic painter who enjoyed significant popularity in France and the United States for his classical works. Bouguereau’s focus was the human body, and he devoted his talent to perfecting the figure in accurate form, depth, and detail. “The Bohemian” completed in 1890, is a testament to his traditionalist ideals.

Donations from the sale of this puzzle will go to the Notre Dame Fire Restoration Fund (FHS).

Made in Poland

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