Versatile Gold Darjeeling 3 in 1

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Versatile Gold Darjeeling 3 in 1 

Versatile Darjeeling 3 in 1 Necklace, Wrap Wrist, Waist Chain Belt - Gold.

Our best selling Darjeeling bracelets, colorful and sparkling, have inspired this versatile and stylish necklace. Adjustable from 28 to 30 inches long and perfect as a 3-in-1 necklace, wrist wrap, or colorful chain belt.  Sparkle and Shine with this gift to yourself and others.

Express your own brand of magic as you style with the Versatile Darjeeling Necklace: Comes in matinee length, and can be worn as a choker or double princess look.

Wrap around your wrist for a sparkly stacked look. Imagine the possibilities when you wear this as a chic belt around your waist. 

Wear or gift a matching LOVE bracelet as a reminder to love and that you are loved. Handmade with LOVE by female artisans in India.

Travel proof and waterproof.

Giftable packaging includes a protective cloth pouch, gift tag, and sticker. Necklace/Bracelets are handmade and 100% unique, so you may observe slight variations in color.

Made in India

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